The Christmas Wind Story Project for Ecole Powerview School

AB-The Christmas Wind-Illustrated by YOU-1

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A BLANK BOOKLET YOU CAN DRAW YOUR PICTURES IN (This will open a PDF file you can print on your computer

Hi again to the grade 2 students of Ecole Powerview School

I’ve updated your class movie to include your Part 5 illustrations. You guys are definitely capturing the ferocity of the wind and the emotion of the characters in what you’re imagining. There’s a lot of cool character and wonderful detail in your drawings. Great job!

I created something new this week I thought you might have fun with. You see, one thing I’ve noticed in some illustrations from students across the country is that Jo’s scarf (the one the wind stole) keeps cropping up in the night sky … even in drawings for Parts 4, 5 and 6. Another interesting thing I noticed is that most of the scarves drawn by students are coloured red. Not all of them are red. Many are other colours or even multiple colours, but most of them are red. Thinking about Jo’s scarf, then, I put together a page to show you some of these illustrations from other schools and I’ve included instructions on how to make your own scarf! See the link for the “scarf” page below under “Your Class Movie and other fun stuff”.

Enjoy the next part of the story!

 Christmas Wind Radio Show Button-07-Introduction  The Christmas Wind Time Travel Web Sreen-Part 1  The Christmas Wind Time Travel Web Sreen-Part 2
 The Christmas Wind Time Travel Web Sreen-Part 3  The Christmas Wind Time Travel Web Sreen-Part 4  The Christmas Wind Time Travel Web Sreen-Part 5

Your Class Movie and other fun stuff 

TCW-Video SCHOOL Screens-MB-Ecole Powerview-Grade 2

CLICK HERE to watch your class movie up to Part 5

Map of Canada

CLICK HERE to learn about your fellow Christmas Wind classes from across the country

CLICK HERE to learn a little about me

Fun Activities re My Other Books

CLICK HERE to Access Some Fun Activities that Relate to my Other Books

Cousin Bob's New Baby Calves-150308 Video Screen

CLICK HERE to watch the movie from my cousin, Farmer Bob

CBC Labrador Morning-150312

CLICK HERE to listen to the CBC interview with Christmas Wind school J. C. Erhardt in Makkovik, Labrador from last spring

Other Button-Part 10a-All About Brooke

CLICK HERE to learn all about illustrator, Brooke Kerrigan

scarf background autumn night sky_edited-1

CLICK HERE to see Jo’s scarf and how to make your own scarf!

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