The Ultimate Christmas Wind Quiz - Question #8

Click here to listen to the answer buttonThe correct answer is: 1,600

  • Last year there were about 1,000 students (across 52 classes) from Kindergarten to Grade 5 who participated in The Christmas Wind Story Project in Labrador, Ontario and B.C.

  • This year, there are about 300 students participating in the National program with students in 13 classes in every province and territory of Canada.

  • On top of that, two schools in Timmins, Ontario are also listening in and drawing pictures (Bertha Shaw Public School and Pinecrest Public School) which adds another 300 students between them.

Altogether that’s 1,600 illustrators for this one story!

  • When I first thought of the idea for this project, I thought there might be six classes participating: 2 from BC, 2 from Ontario and 2 from Labrador

  • Once I got started, however, so many wonderful teachers wanted to participate that the project grew and grew

If about 1,600 students are drawing 8 pictures each, approximately how many pictures is that?

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