Your Fellow Christmas Wind Schools

earth-spinning-rotating-animation-25Get to know the schools who are taking this journey with you!

If you live in Canada, it may already be tomorrow in Australia. If you live in Australia, it may still be yesterday in Canada!

What else would you like to know? (see below for LOTS more!)

 Fellow Top Bar Main River Academy  Fellow Top Bar JLR Bell  Fellow Top Bar Glendal Primary

600x333-Main River

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600c333-JLR Bell

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600x333-Glendal Primary

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 Fellow Side Bar-School Website
 Fellow Side Bar-Grades Participating

 Grades K-6

Grade 2/3

Grade 1 (4 Classes)

 Fellow Side Bar-# Students Participating




 Fellow Side Bar-# Students in School




 Fellow Side Bar-Teachers Teachers Main River Teachers-JLR Bell Teachers Glendal 
 Fellow Side Bar-Continent

North America

 North America


 Fellow Side Bar-Country




 Fellow Side Bar-Province-State







 Fellow Side Bar-Where in the World


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 Fellow Side Bar-Where in the Country


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 Fellow Side Bar-Town

 Pollard’s Point


Glen Waverley

 Fellow Side Bar-Population of Town




 Fellow Side Bar-Where in the Province-State

600x600-Pollards Point

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600x600-Glen Waverley

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 Fellow Side Bar-How Far from You  How-Far-From-You-Pollards-Point-gif  How-Far-From-You-Newmarket  How-Far-From-You-Glen-Waverley
 Fellow Side Bar-What Day and Time is it Now

Spinning Clock 2

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Spinning Clock

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Spinning Clock 3

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 Fellow Side Bar-What Season is it




 Fellow Side Bar-What's the Weather Like Today

Snow 01

click to see (Sop’s Arm is 11km from Pollard’s Point)

Snow 02

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Sunny 06

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 Fellow Side Bar-Nearest Major City

 Corner Brook



 Fellow Side Bar-Distance from Nearest Major City

146 km

 55 km

 25 km

 Fellow Side Bar-Population of Nearest Major City




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