My Connections to Campobello

Hi Carter, Allie, Gabriel, Ava, Trenton, Shylyn, Mya, Ainsley, Addy, Sophie, Rylan, Lucas, Zachary, Grady, Avery, Brody, Leland, and Mrs. Matthews,

Thank you again for the wonderful photo/journal tour of the beautiful place you live. As mentioned, your Island Book makes me a little nostalgic because when my own kids were younger, we vacationed every summer for a week in Lubec. Even though it was only a week a year, we packed a lot into those days, and my kids did a lot of living on the beach right across from you. I thought I’d share a few photos with you of our summers in your part of the world.

NB-Campobello Connections-Looking at Campobello

You said your area had beautiful sunsets, and we enjoyed many of them. The place we stayed for a week for 9 summers was right across from the “spark plug”, and the photo on the right is my husband and three kids looking across the Campobello

NB-Cambobello Connections-Lubec

Lubec was our home for one week each summer for 9 years. The picture on the bottom right is of my 3 kids in front of the Lubec Library.

NB-Campobello Connections-Deer Island

The mist looks eerie in the early morning in many of these photo which were taken while we waited for the Deer Island Ferry. You’ll also see photos here of my 3 kids watching for whales off Deer Island. We camped here right across from Old Sow.

NB-Campobello Connections-Lobster Fis

On two of our summer vacations a local family took us out lobster fishing. I LOVE lobster!

NB-Campobello Connections-Lighthouses

We spent time on each vacation at West Quoddy by the candy striped lighthouse. At top left you’ll see that my husband and I visited Lubec and the lighthouse again just a few years ago (2013). You’ll also see that on a few earlier vacations (1997 and 2000) we visited YOUR red cross lighthouse at East Quoddy.

NB-Campobello Connections-Beach Combi

All of us LOVE the beach and my daughter Eryn (Hoogie) and I especially are beach combing fanatics. We caught crabs the way you described in your book although we didn’t think of racing them. I wish we had. That sounds fun! One summer we erected a huge driftwood mast and we’re told it lasted until October. Another few summers, my kids invented a country on the beach that they called Salaorcita and it became a very elaborate game of defending their country against “the adults”. At top middle, you’ll see my daughter Eryn (Hoogie) sitting by some rocks that spell out the country name.

NB-Campobello Connections-Bay of Fundy

In 2005 we extended our vacation by a week, and one of the things we did was sea-kayaking in the Bay of Fundy

NB-Campobello Connections-Clam Diggin

Here are some photos of us clam digging in 1997 and 2002.

2 comments to My Connections to Campobello

  • Grade 1-2

    We loved the pictures. Some of us have been lobster fishing and clam digging. Allie went to a spot where there were dead jellyfish that didn’t stink and she was able to pick them up. If you ever come back to our area make sure you let us know and come and visit us!

  • steph

    Jelly fish are a little scary, aren’t they! (And stinky when dead). When Sarah, my eldest, was two, we stayed for a week on a beach in Rhode Island and she smuggled back (unbeknownst to us) a couple of star fish. Yikes!! The combination of the high summer temperatures and the star fish being hidden under stuff in the car made them VERY stinky!

    Thank you again for your wonderful book, and you can bet I will visit your school the next time I find myself nearby!

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