Thank You to the Students of Jens Haven Memorial

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I very much enjoyed my visit to your school and hope you will have fun accessing the resources I have set up for you here: from word searches and donut jokes to colouring sheets and recipes. Simply click on the activity in the chart below to bring up some fun activities that relate to my books. You are such a happy, helpful and smart group of students and you made my visit lots of fun. You live in such a beautiful part of the country and I’m so lucky I got to visit you!

I’ve been taking photos and writing about my visits as I go along and you can take a look HERE. I took of movie of you singing your school song (which I LOVED) and you can see it on my blog. I was only in Nain for a short time, but you made it one of the most delightful and memorable parts of my trip.

Thank you for being such a fun group of students, and thank you for the wonderful gift you gave me. I really enjoyed meeting you … you are pawsome!


Teacher Dashboard Leon's Song Video  Teacher Dashboard Hoogie Word Search  Teacher Dashboard Preorder Books
 Teacher Dashboard Hoogie Maze Game  Teacher Dashboard Dear Hoogie  Teacher Dashboard Hoogie Donut Jokes
 Teacher Dashboard Hoogie Similes  Teacher Dashboard Hoogie Famous Middle Children  Teacher Dashboard Tweezle Baby Bird Rescue Kit
 Teacher Dashboard Tweezle Jelly Worms  Teacher Dashboard Tweezle Mud Bucket Parfait  Teacher Dashboard Tweezle Famous Youngest Children
 Teacher Dashboard CC and LS Colouring Pages  Teacher Dashboard Leon's Song Ponds in Winter  Teacher Dashboard CC and LS Bookmarks
 Teacher Dashboard Pumpkin Famous Oldest Children


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