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I’d love the opportunity to visit your school and have compiled a number of resources to give you a sense of my books and the experience I would share with your students — from word searches and donut jokes to colouring sheets and recipes. Simply click on the activity in the chart below to bring up some fun activities that relate to my books.

During my presentations to students, I generally read two of my books: Hoogie in the Middle and The Chicken Cat (and sometimes Tweezle into Everything if I can squeeze it in). However, I have a fun little activity on frogs I share with students that bridges off my book Leon’s Song. Since there isn’t enough time to read Leon during a one hour presentation, I share a reading of this book ahead of time that you can access by clicking on the video screen in the top left block below.

In my presentations (geared for grades K-3), I encourage children to look for and understand their own creativity by revealing the stories behind my stories, and by sharing how these stories/ideas turn into books. Each session lasts an hour, and I comfortably present to 60-100 children per session. I have four goals for each presentation:

  1. To entertain students with a dramatic reading of my books so they will come to know and care about the characters and the value of story
  2. To stir the writer/creator inside each student by sharing the stories behind my stories, thus empowering them to see the connection between their own lives and their own potential works of art
  3. To create a natural bridge to relevant, valuable and interesting learning, e.g. Hoogie in the Middle – a simile exercise; Leon’s Song – a mini science quiz on how frogs survive the winter
  4. To give students a sense of what goes into the creation of a book (the illustrator, the publisher, the ideas)

There are many other places to visit on my site which you can get to using the top navigation bar, and I encourage you to explore.

I’d love to talk with you further about a potential visit to your school in late November. You can find out more about my school visits HERE.


Teacher Dashboard Leon's Song Video  Teacher Dashboard Hoogie Word Search  Teacher Dashboard Preorder Books
 Teacher Dashboard Hoogie Maze Game  Teacher Dashboard Dear Hoogie  Teacher Dashboard Hoogie Donut Jokes
 Teacher Dashboard Hoogie Similes  Teacher Dashboard Hoogie Famous Middle Children  Teacher Dashboard Tweezle Baby Bird Rescue Kit
 Teacher Dashboard Tweezle Jelly Worms  Teacher Dashboard Tweezle Mud Bucket Parfait  Teacher Dashboard Tweezle Famous Youngest Children
 Teacher Dashboard CC and LS Colouring Pages  Teacher Dashboard Leon's Song Ponds in Winter  Teacher Dashboard CC and LS Bookmarks
 Teacher Dashboard Pumpkin Famous Oldest Children


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