The Aurora Banner Wrote an Article About The Christmas Wind Project

Reporter Teresa Latchford profiled The Christmas Wind Project in The Aurora Banner, The Era Banner and The Georgina Advocate after visiting Northern Lights Public School in Aurora, ON where over 100 primary students from grades 1-3 took part in this project and created some wonderful illustrations. The article profiles Ms. Christine Chen’s Grade 2/3 class who went on to create BitStrips of what happens next in the story. Five other teachers and their students from Northern Lights also participated:  Ms. Fiebig’s Grade 1’s; Ms. Dunlop’s Grade 1/2’s; Mr. Macoritti’s Grade 2’s; Ms. Bryson’s Grade 3’s; and Ms. Clubine’s Grade 1/2’s.

Read the original online article HERE

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CLICK HERE to read the print edition which ran in The Aurora Banner, The Era Banner and The Georgina Advocate

 Aurora Banner Article Christmas Wind Student Photo-150614

Aurora Banner Article Christmas Wind Online Article-150614

CLICK HERE to read the online edition

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