The Christmas Wind Story Experiment Across Canada

To watch a 5 minute video that explains The Christmas Wind Story Experiment and how it works, click the button below at top right that says: “The Christmas Wind Radio Show Story Project Introduction”

Over 1,000 students from B.C. to Labrador took part in a pilot version of this program earlier this year. Not only did they create some wonderful artwork, but teachers fed back how valuable they felt the process was for their students as it challenged them to access visualization and imagination skills that aren’t necessarily tapped by the whirlwind of our digital world. More than that, the students fell in love with the process and the story and were provided a unique opportunity to communicate with an author over the period of the program in a variety of ways: email, audio voice messages, letters, website comments, etc.

The media got wind of the project in several cities. Click on any of the buttons below to hear the radio coverage (in Makkovik, Labrador) or read the articles in several cities.

 Christmas Wind Radio Show Button-07-Introduction  The Christmas Wind Time Travel Web Sreen-Part 1 JC Erhardt GK-3-CBC Labrador
 Muskoko Weekender Article-May 7, 2015  Burlington Post Article-May 28, 2015  Clarington This Week Classroom Connections Button-150610
 The Labrador City Aurora AP Low Elementary-150629  Aurora Banner Northern Lights PS-150615  Cloverdale G5-Inferring and Predicting Questions

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