Letters to Leon!

Dear Ms. McLellan,
Our class read your book “Leon’s Song” for the Blue Spruce Reading Program. We loved the part when Leon saved the day and his song changed the future! The book made us feel happy and sad because at the beginning he didn’t have a talent to share with  everyone.  The end was happy because he found his talent and save the day!

WE were wondering if you can answer these questions:

  1. Why is the book about a frog and where did your ideas come from?
  2. Also we wanted to know why Romeo is blue?  We are hoping to read your next book.

Grade 2/3 students at Father C. W. Sullivan School (62 Seaborn Road, Brampton, Ontario  L6V 2C1)


Here are the answers!

  1. Where did the idea for Leon’s Song come from? … that’s an interesting question and the truthful answer is that it just hopped into my head one night! There is a very specific (and mostly true) story behind my other book, the Chicken Cat, and when I present to students, I take them step by step through all the various events that led to the writing of this book. With Leon it isn’t so clear. I can tell you that I’ve always liked frogs. A favourite summer past time was collecting tadpoles and watching them grow into frogs. Also, there are a number of older people (my grandfather specifically, but also my grandmother and other elderly people that I know) who have had a very positive influence on my life. I also love the idea of unlikely heros and the notion that each of us is special in some way, even if we don’t see it at first. I guess all of these things came together to create the story of Leon’s Song.
  2. Why is Romeo blue? Well, Dianna Bonder, Leon’s wonderful illustrator, was charged with the job of making each of the five frogs in the story have a very distinct personality and look so that readers wouldn’t confuse them. I guess there are only so many different shades of green! Romeo is meant to be a bluey-green!

Thank you for getting in touch!

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