Guys Write for Guys Read edited by Jon Scieszka


What is a typical guy moment, anyhow? Daniel Pinkwater remembers the disappointment of meeting his Lone Star Ranger hero up close and personal. Gordon Korman relishes the goofy ultra violence of the old Looney Tunes cartoons. Stephen King realizes that having your two hundred- pound babysitter fart on your five-year-old head prepares you for any literary criticism. And that’s just a sampling from Guys Write for Guys Read, a fast-paced, high energy collection of short works: stories, essays, columns, cartoons, anecdotes, and artwork by today’s most popular writers and illustrators. Guys Write will features from Brian Jacques, Jerry Spinelli, Chris Crutcher, Mo Willems, Chris Van Allsburg, Matt Groening, Neil Gaiman, the editors and columnists from Sports Illustrated, The Onion and Esquire magazines, and more (including Canadian authors Arthur Slade and Kenneth Oppel). Selected by voters at the Guys Read Web site and compiled by Jon Scieszka, this wide-ranging collection of authors and illustrators shows that guys do read . . . and will read more if given things they enjoy reading.


My just-teenaged son has two older sisters. As much as I fight stereotyping, I have to admit that raising a son has been a different adventure. There is something for every boy/guy/man in this great collections of stories. The first story we read from the collection described a boy photocopying his “behind” surreptitiously at his dad’s office and ending up with his “crack” disappearing (because copies become less clear over time). That image struck and stuck with its intended target — exactly the kind of humour/horror that boys eat up.

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