The Children's Book Bank

The Children’s Book Bank

By virtue of my work with Today’s Parent, and my own mail order children’s book company Neverending Stories, I get LOTS of review copy books in the door every day … sometimes overwhelming! I’ve donated these books to school and local libraries who are grateful, but at the same time also overwhelmed somewhat as they have to process all books.

I just discovered a truly wonderful place to donate these books. Over the last couple of weeks (en route to the Neighbourhood Diaries workshops — see Oct 22 post), I’ve stopped by an old Victorian house in Regent Park called The Children’s Book Bank, a charitable organization designed to support children’s literacy by providing free books and literacy support to children in lower income neighbourhoods.

They currently have one location at 350 Berkeley Street, and offer a range of gently used and new books secured through donation, school and community book drives. Staffed by volunteers and working within the community, The Children’s Book Bank focuses on the literacy needs of children aged 2-12 and works to support and develop each child’s interest in and success with reading. In addition to providing books, The Children’s Book Bank offers literacy support and programming. I believe they opened in May 2008 and they put 40,000 gently used books into the hands of deserving kids within their first year alone. Wow.

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