Life Skills Learned in the Maze

Click here to try your luck at The Maze Runner Game

I posted a link for The Maze Runner Game in the Books I Love section of my site which many Maze Runner fans have visited. (This is from the fantastic book by James Dashner.)  Time being such that it is, I haven’t spent much time playing the game myself and admit to not playing video games much at all. There is something irresistible about a challenge of this sort though. I’ll put the link in this post for convenience. 

I mentioned to my 13 year old son that I’d failed miserably on my first (and only) attempt at conquering the maze. By the time the doors locked me in at night (to inevitably get stung by the Grievers), I’d only actually mapped 5% of the maze. A miserable failure any way you look at it. He had this advice for me: “You have to go around the perimeter – far out around the outside and away from home, and it’s best if you go out a different door from the one you entered.” I believe him. Using this strategy he was able to map out 87% of the maze (out of a possible 90% he told me), and was able to saunter out the far doors unharmed.

It struck me that this was pretty good advice for many things in life. Staying too close inside your comfort zone may be cozy, but it won’t move you forward and you run a high risk of getting stuck.

I’m going to take Tristan’s advice on this and push some boundaries this week.

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