Neighbourhood Diaries Exhibit at Harbourfront

The opening of the “Neighbourhood Diaries – Stories from where I live” art exhibit will be held at Queens Quay Gallery Friday, April 9th. The work is from 9 Toronto locations, a total of 72 sessions led by teams of artists, writers, volunteers, staff and students. It is an exploration into “my place and my place in it” created by children from 8 to 12 years of age. The exhibit will run for 10 weeks (April 10 – June 20/10), and is located at: Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queen’s Quay West, Toronto, (Tel: 416-973-4000). You can visit the Neighbourhood Diaries website here.

I participated in the pilot last fall at Jane and Finch (see photos below) and absolutely loved working with such a great group of kids. They were exuberant, talented, happy and welcoming. They surprised me, made me laugh and gave me a glimpse of their world which is both different and the same from the one I inhabit on a daily basis.
As Project Lead Robin Uchida says: “It is too early in life for an 8-year-old child to believe they cannot draw. It is wrong that the same child feels writing is a tedious and unworthy activity. The creative opportunity at the tip of a child’s imagination needs recognition first and nurturing second. Expression of the creative kind is a child’s most authentic voice, a natural social offering that needs to be received by all of us with open minds and outstretched arms. This requires that the adult audience be alert, attuned and willing to acknowledge the legitimate value of their unfettered ideas. In the words of one child, “My soul is a rocket ship” and it is with this declaration that we celebrate this meeting of Toronto’s creative community and our children.”

I hope you’ll make the time to visit!


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  • shirley

    I’m so impressed with your involvement in this AT RISK NEIGHBOURHOODS program. I watched a TV program the other evening which dealt with kids in these very circumstances and I thought of you and all the other creative people who contributed their time and talents to this program. We can only hope that at least some, and hopefully many, of these youngsters will have been inspired, and that those who contributed their many talents will continue in some way to lead.

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