Hoogie in the Middle

My new picture book, Hoogie in the Middle (illustrated by Dean Griffiths and published by Pajama Press) will be launched in May 2013. A quick synopsis:

Too big – too small – sometimes it feels like there’s no place for Hoogie at all … until she discovers how squeaky wheels work!

It’s tough to be the centre of the universe when you feel like the hole in the middle of a doughnut, and that’s just how it is for Hoogie, who’s sandwiched between her precocious older sister and adorable baby brother.

Hoogie’s too small to do the things that Pumpkin does, and too big to be sweet like Tweezle.

Middle children unite! (Disclaimer: Hoogie is real. The names of my other two have been changed to protect the innocent.)

I’ve seen some of Dean’s adorable illustrations — cute enough you’ll want to grab them off the page — and will share then when I can!

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