Hoogie Says Middle Kids RULE!

HoogieBEST_BOTH WORLDSThe Best Parts of Being a Middle Child

by Hoogie

On Wednesday, May 1 Pajama Press, Stephanie McLellan and Dean Griffiths published a book about me. It’s called Hoogie in the Middle.

Two weeks ago I shared a bunch of pictures about The Worst Parts of Being a Middle Child.

Today I’m sharing the other side of the coin … WHY MIDDLE KIDS RULE!!

Check it out HERE

By the way, I could have also mentioned that:

  • I am an amazing “hopper”
  • I really DID have a dream about rabbits (and it wasn’t funny, it was FABULOUS!)
  • I am wicked with a paint brush (even though some people don’t understand my art)
  • I can make peas fly … did you get that? FLY! It’s truly beautiful (I’m not kidding)

Not to mention that:

  • I am like the sun in the middle of the solar system, AND
  • The pearl in the middle of the oyster

I have those two bits of information on VERY good authority … Mom and Dad … so there!


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