A "Hoogie in the Middle" Tim Horton's Donut?

Check out the Dueling Donuts contest sponsored by Tim Horton’s … full details HERE

Hoogie in the Middle Donut Tim HortonWhere did this contest come from?

Well, “Vancouver-born celebrity Jason Priestley will help Tim Hortons pick the winner of a contest its launched asking Canadians to design a new doughnut. The competition offers a $10,000 grand prize to the person who designs its next pastry, using a website and Facebook page dubbed “Duelling Donuts.” Priestley had a cameo in an episode of the sitcom How I Met Your Mother last February that played on the idea of a Canada obsessed with Tim Hortons. The episode featured a faux documentary where Priestley bragged about his role in the creation of a new doughnut called “The Priestley.”  Tim Hortons later made the doughnut by stuffing a chocolate Timbit inside a strawberry-vanilla doughnut. Tim Hortons says it hopes to find similarly original doughnut ideas, asking the public to try to beat “The Priestley.” Priestley and a panel of other judges will choose eight finalists from the entry pool, open until July 21, before the public votes on a winner in August. [National Post]

So, don’t you think “The Hoogie” would be the perfect donut?

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