Hoogie on the Air with Q107 & CBC!

Today is Middle Child Day!

First off … Happy Birthday to Hoogie’s illustrator, Dean Griffiths, who is also a middle child and whose birthday is today!

To celebrate the day, Dominik Diamond, Ryan Parker and Johnny Garbutt from Q107 talked about Hoogie in the Middle and other middle child miscellany which you can listen to clicking the Q107 image.

I was also in studio with Matt Galloway of CBC’s Metro Morning and Wei Chen of CBC’s Ontario Morning. You can listen to both of those interviews by clicking the respective images. The original CBC interviews are also available as podcasts on the METRO MORNING and ONTARIO MORNING sites.


Hoogie with Q107 Team Middle Child Day Page-Metro Morning Button Middle Child Day Page-Ontario Morning Button
Q107 British Imports-2

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