Monday, August 12 is Middle Child Day!

Hoogie HappyMonday, August 12 is National Middle Child Day. I don’t know of any companion holidays for First or Last Borns, so this is quite a coup for those “born in between”! Our own middle child (Eryn aka Hoogie) is, coincidentally, coming for a visit tomorrow so we’re going to make a celebration of it!

facebookI’m being interviewed about Hoogie and Middle Child Day tomorrow morning on CBC — both Metro Morning (8:20 with Matt Galloway) and Ontario Morning. In addition, the “Scot that Rocks” DJ Dominik Diamond, who himself has 3 kids, has promised to give a “mighty” shout out to Hoogie and Middle Child Day on Q107’s morning show tomorrow.

Here are some facts about Middle Child Day and middle children …

When: August 12 Each Year

Where: Worldwide

What: Middle children comprise about ¼ of the population. This is a day for the Jan Bradys, Malcolm in the Middles, Lisa Simpsons and Hoogies of the world to unite and celebrate their brilliant, different, special powers

Middle Child Myths: Middle Children feel neglected and resentful; they are low in creativity and career focus; they have a negative attitude and a general feeling that they “don’t belong”

Middle Children Reality (as revealed in The Secret Power of Middle Children by Catherine Salmon, Ph.D. (Penguin, 2011)). The powerful middle child is often:

  • A great team player
  • A successful leader (52% of U.S. Presidents are middles)
  • More oriented to principles and concepts—like justice—over earning power or prestige
  • An excellent negotiator
  • A trailblazer
  • A risk taker with an openness to experience
  • More likely to effect change than any other birth order

I’ve posted a “Team Hoogie” Famous Middle Children on Pinterest HERE

Here are some highlights:

  • 52% of U.S. Presidents are middles (including Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, George Washington, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower)
  • Writers (Margaret Atwood, Mark Twain, Stephen Leacock, Michael Ondaatje, Edgar Allan Poe, Stephenie Meyer, John Grisham, Charles Dickens, L. Frank Baum, Emily Dickinson, George Orwell, John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway, Dr. Seuss and others)
  • Canadian Children’s Writers (Shane Peacock, Jennifer Lanthier, Arthur Slade, Margaret Buffie, Sheryl McFarlane, Kathy Stinson, Phoebe Gilman, Robert Munsch and me)
  • Entrepreneurs (Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump, Warren Buffett)
  • Talk Show Hosts (Jay Leno, Johnny Carson, Rosie O’Donnell, and David Letterman)
  • Justice Seekers (Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Anwar Sadat)
  • Actors (Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Glenn Close, Tim Allen, Bob Hope, Owen Wilson, Ricky Gervais, Mel Gibson)
  • Classic Rock Artists (Richard, Ray Davies, Carlos Santana, Dennis Wilson, Roy Orbison, Bob Geldof, Stevie Wonder, Syd Barrett, Ozzy Osbourne, Jackson Browne, Chris Hillman, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Dave Matthews, James Hetfield, George Thorogood and more)

My book Hoogie in the Middle (Pajama Press, 2013) has received some excellent reviews HERE

Give your middle kid some extra attention tomorrow!

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