Indies First at Ella Minnow

Thanks to Heather and Yvette of Ella Minnow for a fun day in the Beaches where a bunch of local authors gathered to celebrate this wonderful independent bookstore. Here’s a snap of some of us who showed up to help customers find the perfect books for kids on their list, plus my own list of books my own family has loved over the years (and a few I’m anxious to read):

Stephanie McLellan Book List-1r


From Left: Stephanie Simpson McLellan (Me), Anne-Marie Meyers (Author of “Up in the Air”), Heather Kuipers (Owner of Ella Minnow), Nicole Winters (Author of “Full Throttle”), Tara Anderson (Illustrator of “Nat the Cat”), Nick Pemberton (Author of “Children of the Amulets”), and Yvette Snider Caradonna (Ella Minnow)

Stephanie McLellan Book List-2

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