Tweezle Would Make a Great Addition to Both School and Public Libraries

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January, 2014
Tweezle into Everything
MCLELLAN, Stephanie. Tweezle into Everything. illus. by Dean Griffiths. 32p. Pajama. Feb. 2014. Tr $17.95. ISBN 9781927485477.
Tweezle into Everything

Find Tweezle on Facebook

Find Tweezle on Facebook

PreS-Gr 2–McLellan’s playful, heartwarming story about a cuddly monster family examines how birth order affects sibling relationships. As the youngest, Tweezle is coddled by Mom and Dad, who call him their “sweet baby.” Tweezle repeats the phrase, “I’m not baby…I big boy!” throughout the story, as he tries prove to his older siblings, Hoogie and Pumpkin, that he is just like them. Tweezle attempts to make pancakes, wash dishes, and help with the garden. Onomatopoeic words (“splash and a crash/blam and a slam”) mimic the chaos that follows poor Tweezle as he attempts to win his siblings’ acceptance. When he rescues a baby bird, the family celebrates Tweezle’s good deed, acknowledging that is was a“big” deal for such a “big” guy. Bright colored pencil and pastel illustrations adorn each spread, while a soft-hued palette adds calmness. Expansive whitespace allows readers to appreciate details in the facial expressions. A great addition to both school and public libraries that help teach sibling acceptance and understanding.
—Krista Welz, North Bergen High School, NJ

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