Why Middle Kids turn out to be more successful

Why Middle Children are more successfulI absolutely love the photo at the right of these three kids … the moment it dawns on child #2 that he is now officially the discarded “middle child”. I came across this photo in a blog post by Selina (an Australian currently living and studying in BC to be a life coach) who has compiled a great resource of everything “middle” — including my own “Hoogie in the Middle”. READ Selina’s blog post HERE.

The black and white photo below is a similar picture of me a few decades ago. Can you guess which one is me? (Hint … I’m not smiling!) While I was one of four, with one sister three years older and my brother three years younger, my second sister arrived a scant 54 weeks after I did … which didn’t leave me much time to stake my claim I guess! (P.S. I didn’t really feel as persecuted as this photo suggests … I guess the camera just caught a bad moment!)

1962 JoAnne Stephanie Leighanne and baby Geoff 03

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