Letters from Labrador - J. C. Erhardt, Makkovik

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I challenged the Labrador students I met with to come up with their best donut jokes and similes. I received a wonderful package from the Kindergarten students at J. C. Erhardt in Makkovik, filled with lovely artwork and some great writing.

Question: Why did the donut go the the dentist?

Answer: He needed a chocolate filling!

I especially loved the similes from these young writers. In my blog of my tour of Labrador, I noted about J. C. Erhardt that the classroom I presented in had a board listing current events that spoke volumes about the closeness and warmth of this community. On the day I visited, this current events board listed not only the results of the Nunatsiavut election the day before, but also the fact that Hannah’s Nan might be buying her a controller and that Lucas had a new watch and that Avril walked up The Bay without proper winter wear.  (This is not even to mention that poor Hunter was sporting a vent mark on his head after taking a tumble!) I loved the fact that everyone knew everyone, and that small details had weight and importance.

Well, I found this in the writing and illustrations of the Kindergarten students sent to me as well. For example, one of their similes (as you’ll see below) is: “As tall as Keira’s house”. If you want a reference point for that, look no further than Keira’s illustration of her house below (second row in the middle). You see, most of the houses in Makkovik are a single story … so Keira’s house really stands out!

In my presentations, I talk with the students about (among other things) writing from your life and what you know. These students really got that. You’ll see that many of the other similes tell you much about the connection these students have with the real outside world around them (vs. the electronic facsimiles so many kids live through today): As hot as a campfire; As cold as a snowman; As scared as a brown bunny in winter.

I’d like to thank Emilie, Emma, Keira, Samuel, Jacob, Marin, Alla, Ava, Mason, Alex, Jolene and their amazing teacher, Jenny Price, for taking the time to share their creations with me!


 Makkovik Student Art 10  Makkovik Student Art 11 Makkovik Student Art 09
 Makkovik Student Art 08  Makkovik Student Art 07  Makkovik Student Art 05
 Makkovik Student Art 06  Makkovik Student Art 03  Makkovik Student Art 02
 Makkovik Student Art 04


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