Letters from Labrador - Northern Lights Academy, Rigolet

The Grade 4-6's from Northern Lights Academy in Rigolet

What a great package I received in the mail yesterday from the students I met at Northern Lights Academy in Rigolet in early May. I challenged the students to send me their best similes and donut jokes and they delivered in spades! All students from Grades 2-6 got out their pens and not only created evocative similes and clever donut jokes, but also shared their feedback about the day we spent together and some original artwork. Take a look at all of their work below, first from the Grade 4-6’s followed by the Grade 2-3’s.

Here’s some of what you’ll find below:

  • As lonely as a shadow in the shade
  • As angry as a partridge that cannot fly
  • As lonely as a tree in the middle of a field
  • As big as a black bear
  • What is a donut when it gets bitten into? (Answer: Crumbs!)
  • What did the cop say to the donut? (Answer: You’re in a HOLE lot of trouble!)
  • What is a donut that goes to church? (Answer: Holy!)
  • Why did the donut go in the snow? (Answer: Because it wanted to get frosted!)

Thank you to Alison, Brady, Brianna, Brittney, Jennifer, John, Mackenzie, Ocean, Rodney, Ryan, Samantha, Taylor, Terry, Zoe, Ava, Cameron, Clear-Brooke, Cole, Jenna, Monique, Shane and Wayne for taking the time to create such a great package! 

 Alison-Photo  Alison-Grade-4-Write-up  Alison-Artwork
 Ocean-Photo  Ocean-Grade-5-Write-up  Ocean-Artwork
 Brady-Photo  Brady-Grade-5-Write-up  Brady-Artwork
 Brianna-Photo  Brianna-Grade-4-Write-up  Brianna-Artwork
 Brittney-Photo  Brittney-Grade-5-Write-up  Brittney-Artwork
 Jennifer-Photo  Jennifer-Grade-4-Write-up  Jennifer-Artwork
 John-Photo  John-Grade-5-Write-up  John-Artwork
 Mackenzie-Photo  Mackenzie-Grade-5-Write-up  Mackenzie-Artwork
 Rodney-Photo  Rodney-Grade-4-Write-up  Rodney-Artwork
 Ryan-Photo  Ryan-Grade-4-Write-up  Ryan-Artwork
 Samantha-Photo  Samantha-Grade-5-Write-up  Samantha-Artwork
 Taylor-Photo  Taylor-Grade-4-Write-up  Taylor-Artwork
 Terry-Photo  Terry-Grade-6-Write-up  Terry-Artwork
 Zoe-Photo  Zoe-Grade-6-Write-up  Zoe-Artwork
 Grades-2-3-Ava-Grade-3  Grades-2-3-Letter  Grades-2-3-Cameron-Grade-3
 Grades-2-3-Clear-Brooke-Gra  Grades-2-3-Cole-Grade-2  Grades-2-3-Jenna-Grade-3
 Grades-2-3-Monique-Grade-3  Grades-2-3-Shane-Grade-3  Grades-2-3-Wayne-Grade-3

Great memories of visiting with these lovely students in early May:

Grades 4-6

Grades 4-6

Grades 1-3

Grades 1-3


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