Letters from Labrador - Hopedale

Each package I receive from the Labrador schools I visited is unique, and the differences are not only fun to see, but also give you a sense of the disparate and special personalities of each group of students. I was not surprised (but I was delighted) to see the artistic creations I received from the students at Amos Comenius Memorial School in Hopedale.

These students wrote me letters, drew me pictures of their lives (including two portraits of me!), made their own jelly worms (following Tweezle’s special recipe which you can see here), and even invented hybrid animal creations (inspired by the idea of my Chicken Cat … see below).

Incidentally, the Hopedale school is named for John Amos Comenius (1592-1670) … at least I presume this is whom it was named after. Comenius was a Czech teacher, educator and writer, and one of the earliest champions of universal education. He is, thus, considered the father of modern education. Comenius was the innovator who first introduced pictorial textbooks, written in native language instead of Latin. He applied effective teaching based on the natural, gradual growth from simple to more comprehensive concepts; supported lifelong learning and development of logical thinking by moving from dull memorization; presented and supported the idea of equal opportunity for impoverished children; opened doors to education for women; and made instruction universal and practical.

Here is what was in the package from Amos Comenius Memorial …

Note how vibrant and deliberate the colour is in the following illustrations from the  Grade Twos:

 Drawings-8  Drawings-1 Drawings-7
 Drawings-6  Drawings-5  Drawings-4
 Drawings-3  Drawings-2


With the help of Primary teacher Valerie Rideout-Flowers, these students made their very own jelly worms (see recipe here in case you want to try this yourself):

 Jelly-Worms-1 Jelly-Worms-5  Jelly-Worms-4
 Jelly-Worms-7  Jelly-Worms-6  Jelly-Worms-2


Read these letters to see why it’s fun to be a Hoogie, and why Tristan (not my Tristan … a whole other Tristan!) liked Tweezle and the Chicken Cat. See also two lovely portraits of me (at least I think they’re me!):

 Letters-1  Letters-2  Letters-3
 Letters-4-5  Letters-6  Letters-7-8


As Grade One teacher, Brittney Higdon, explains below, the Grade 1 students were inspired to create some pretty cool hybrid animals bridging off the idea of my chicken cat. See below for everything from an Elephant-Turtle to a Lion-Mouse!

 Mixed-Animals-1  Mixed-Animals-2 Mixed-Animals-3
 Mixed-Animals-4  Mixed-Animals-5  Mixed-Animals-6
 Mixed-Animals-7  Mixed-Animals-8



See many more photos from my amazing tour of Labrador on my Facebook Page HERE

See many more photos from my amazing tour of Labrador on my Facebook Page HERE


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