Letters from Labrador - Lab City

I received not one, but TWO fat envelopes full of wonderful illustrations from the students at A. P. Low in Labrador City. This school was such a joy to visit as Librarian Teena Spurrell was incredibly well organized and prepared for my visit. The school walls were papered with child art from my books and Teena had done a great exercise in both mathematics and sociology with the students by creating tally sheets and bar charts mapping out the number of Hoogies, Pumpkins and Tweezles (Middle, Eldest and Youngest) children. Take a look at my blog of the tour here for the fun results.

Teena sent along over 100 works of art from her students … too many to post here, but I will post all of them on my facebook page as they’re too lovely to miss. Here are a few:

 A-P-Low-Illustrations-5-6  A-P-Low-Illustrations-5-1  A-P-Low-Illustrations-4-14
 A-P-Low-Illustrations-4-11  A-P-Low-Illustrations-4-6  A-P-Low-Illustrations-4-10
 A-P-Low-Illustrations-4-7  A-P-Low-Illustrations-3-23  A-P-Low-Illustrations-3-39
 A-P-Low-Illustrations-3-19  A-P-Low-Illustrations-3-18  A-P-Low-Illustrations-3-17
 A-P-Low-Illustrations-3-12  A-P-Low-Illustrations-3-6  A-P-Low-Illustrations-3-1
 A-P-Low-Illustrations-2-29  A-P-Low-Illustrations-2-23  A-P-Low-Illustrations-2-20
 A-P-Low-Illustrations-2-15  A-P-Low-Illustrations-2-13  A-P-Low-Illustrations-2-6
 A-P-Low-Illustrations-2-1  A-P-Low-Illustrations-1-26  A-P-Low-Illustrations-1-21
 A-P-Low-Illustrations-1-13  A-P-Low-Illustrations-1-12  A-P-Low-Illustrations-1-6
 A-P-Low-Illustrations-1-5  A-P-Low-Illustrations-1-3  A-P-Low-Illustrations-1-2

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