The Man With the Violin Wins TD Canadian Children's Book Award

IMG_0854bHuge and well-deserved congratulations to Kathy Stinson, this year’s winner of the TD Canadian Children’s Book Award for most distinguished children’s book of the year for her lovely picture book The Man with the Violin (illustrated by Dušan Petričić). Sponsored by TD, and administered by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre in association with the CBC, this is one of the largest prizes in children’s book awards.

Inspired by the true story of Joshua Bell, the renowned American violinist, who famously took his instrument down into the Washington D.C. subway for a free concert. More than a thousand commuters rushed by him, but only seven stopped to listen for more than a minute. Kathy’s book tells the story from the eyes of a child, and it is a treasure you should pick up for Christmas.

As this very blurry photo shows (my phone clearly doesn’t have a great camera), I got to toast Kathy at the awards ceremony on Nov 6, and have had the privilege of working with her as she’s editing my newest picture book, The Christmas Wind, to be published Fall 2015 by Red Deer Press (thanks to the wonderful Peter Carver). I’m looking forward to seeing this story come to life in the capable hands of illustrator Brooke Kerrigan.

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