The Wonderful Students of Surrey, BC

Coyote Creek Cover Page Letters re LeonI felt very lucky to be flown across the country to present at several schools and libraries in Surrey, BC last week. Surrey libraries invited me out to present at three of their branches, and I rounded out the week’s visit with some local schools as well.

I wanted to share some great “Letters to Leon” from the students at Coyote Creek (actually letters to me, but about “Leon the frog” from my book Leon’s Song as the school had viewed my online reading of Leon’s Song ahead of my visit).  Click here or on the image at right to read their letters.

Because I can’t show the faces of the students for school security reasons, the photos below can only give you an “idea” of the great groups of students. I had to pick photos showing only the backs of their heads (!) and have blurred out any faces that were visible.

It was a great experience and I’m glad I got to meet these kids who had many great questions! (P.S. Thanks to my cousin, Mary van Geyn of Coquitlam, for snapping the photos)

 P1140316  P1140340  P1140320
 P1140346  P1140326  P1140327
 P1140286  P1140276  P1140288
 P1140293  P1140313  P1140331

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