Grade 1-2L Author Project (Christmas Wind) at Lennoxville Elementary in Quebec

LES_Illustratorsby Dawn Irving (Principal of Lennoxville Elementary – published in The Sherbrooke Record newspaper)

Thursday, February 4, 2016

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<<SEE MORE about The Christmas Wind Story Project HERE>>

Grade 1-2L Author Project: Mrs. Luce’s grade 1-2 students were so excited to be one of 13 classes across Canada (1 class per province and territory) to participate in a project initiated by Canadian author, Stephanie Simpson McLellan. This author has written a new book, “The Christmas Wind”, which will be published in the fall. For eight weeks, the students listen to Stephanie read part of the book on-line. They have to use their imagination to visualize what they hear; just like in the good old days where people listened to radio shows. The students then draw an illustration of what they visualize. With the help of grade 5 students from Mrs. Christiansen’s class, the illustratons are uploaded onto a website where the author views them. When the book is published, a copy will be sent to L.E.S. The students will get to compare what they visualized and drew to the actual illustrator’s pictures in the book. In addition to all this, the author posts fun activities on her website, and eventually the class will be able to connect with the other 12 classes across Canada where letters can be exchanged as well as meeting via Skype. It is an exciting project and the children are having so much fun with it.

See more about The Christmas Wind Story Project HERE

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