A Christmas Wind Celebration in Lennoxville, QC

CLICK IMAGE to see The Christmas Wind Story Project IN THE NEWS Across the Country

CLICK IMAGE to see The Christmas Wind Story Project IN THE NEWS Across the Country

The Christmas Wind class in Lennoxville, QC, led by Grade 1-2 teacher Jennifer Luce,  invited the parents to a wonderful celebration of the students’ inspired artwork on Monday, April 4, 2016.  All 19 students came with at least two parents each so there were about 65 people in all.  Everyone absolutely adored the video of the students’ drawings and, after the screening, the students showed their trading cards, the map of the schools participating, the pen pal letters from the other schools across the country, and more.  In this particular Christmas Wind class, the Grade 1-2’s were assisted by 6 of teacher Karen Christiansen’s Grade 5 students who took pictures of the drawings each week so they could be sent to me for “film making”. Jennifer sent me some pictures to share of this great event which I’ve compiled in a collage below (click image below to enlarge). Enjoy!

See more about The Christmas Wind Story Project HERE

See a video slideshow with more photos HERE

QC-Christmas Wind Party-160404

8 comments to A Christmas Wind Celebration in Lennoxville, QC

  • JoAnne Murphy

    Such a fantastic way to engage families. The children and their families are so fortunate to be involved in this amazing program.

  • Barb Reid

    Terrific! This project has made me wish so often that I had more than 1 hour a week to spend with the Grade 3 class. Thanks to all of you in Lennoxville – and to Stephanie, of course.

  • Bobbie Jo Chapdelaine

    My daughter, Gabrielle, was one of the students involved in this project. She absolutely loved it! She still talks about it. Thank you so much for giving them this opportunity!

  • steph

    Thank you for commenting! I really loved working with the Lennoxville class. The students were fantastic. You have a very special school! This project has taken on a life of its own and I’ll be sad to see it end!

  • Esther MacDonald

    My daughter was involved in this project as well (in the orange shirt 🙂 ) and she loved it as well! Such a great way to get kids involved in book-making and feeling connected to other children from all over the country. This was a fantastic idea!

  • steph

    Thank you for letting me know, Esther. It’s really rewarding to get this feedback. This was a kind of “seat of the pants” project in that I didn’t exactly know at the beginning where it would go, but it has been a fantastic experience. I am from Quebec originally, so I think I have a bit of kinship with the Lennoxville students!

  • Sarah

    Thank you for organizing this wonderful project! My son Jack (lime green shirt) has loved this experience. We can’t wait to see the final product!

  • steph

    I love the identifying by shirt colours! It’s really gratifying that the kids (and parents) loved this project as much as I did, and pretty amazing now connected we all felt even though we were miles and provinces apart. Thanks for your kind comments, Sarah. I’m also looking forward to seeing the final book!

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