A great letter from Mme. McKechnie's class from Bertha Shaw!

The most wonderful letter showed up in my mailbox today from Mme. McKechnie’s Grade 1/2 class from Bertha Shaw Public School in Timmins. I had such a fun visit with the students of Bertha Shaw on April 12 (see highlights from that visit here), and it’s a treasure to have such a nice letter from those students who all took part in The Christmas Wind Story Project. (See images below … I even love the envelope! Click on either image to enlarge)

Here’s an English translation of this letter, although I do speak French a bit since I grew up in Montreal and I’m happy to say I was able to understand the French version:

“Thank you very much for the beautiful books. Also, thank you for the trading cards and the participation certificates. We loved your visit! We have learned a lot during the Christmas Wind project (e.g. how to be illustrators). Until next time!”
 Mme McKechnie Envelope  Mme McKechnie Letter

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