The Newfoundland Christmas Wind Literacy Fair

CLICK IMAGE to see The Christmas Wind Story Project IN THE NEWS Across the Country

CLICK IMAGE to see The Christmas Wind Story Project IN THE NEWS Across the Country

The Christmas Wind class from Centreville Academy (Centreville-Wareham, NL), led by librarian Veronica Rogers, held a Christmas Wind Literacy Fair for parents, the mayor and town council members. Veronica has been an amazing ally in terms of bringing this project to life with the grade 2/3 students. She has enthused not only the kids, but also the town council, who have agreed to purchase copies of The Christmas Wind for the students and for the Town Office, when it comes out in the fall. Listen to the wonderful interview CBC did with this class HERE.

Two days after Veronica sent me this photo, she emailed with the news all of us now know – that 54 of 95 libraries in Newfoundland are to be closed. Veronica’s library is one of them. This is devastating and heartbreaking. I know exactly what these brilliant primary students are going to miss because of this budget cut as I’ve had the privilege of working with Veronica over the last four months. Take a look in the picture below and you’ll see that Veronica compiled each student’s drawings from the project into a personal book. You’ll see their trading cards as well. Who will now champion and nurture these higher level thinking pursuits … the kind of thinking our future generation of leaders will need to create better opportunities?

NL-Christmas Wind Event-160424

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See more about The Christmas Wind Story Project HERE


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