The WIND Project Trading Cards

CLICK IMAGE to learn all about The Christmas Wind Story Project that involved 1,700 primary students across Canada

One part of the WIND Story Project that evolved, because it was too good to pass up, was an initiative to fuel communication between the 13 classes across the country. School/Province “Trading Cards” were produced which they mailed to each other so they could learn about the vastness and beauty of our country. See all trading cards below (click each image to enlarge).

There’s a wonderful quote on the first image from the CBC Radio Quebec interview which illustrates why these trading cards were such a powerful tool:

“We talk about our little area, and in their brains, they’re still so egocentric. They don’t realize how big Canada really is.” “It’s the idea that it’s children talking to children, so it’s a children’s eye view of where you live. [In Quebec] what seemed to come up most was the letter they got from Nunavut, because they learned that it was -20oC there in the spring time and I think that really made sense to them, like, wow, it’s really cold. Here’s a group of students chewing over this fact: “It told us that there were no trees. It says, ‘tree … no possible tree’”.  It’s like they have this big, blank internal map, and now they have one idea  to put in there: ‘No possible tree.’”

Click on the image below to listen to this wonderful CBC Quebec interview. Also access below the “Fellow Christmas Wind School” page on which we shared weather, distance and time stats for each province/territory so the students could learn even more about each other.

WIND Story Project-Trading Cards-01

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WIND Story Project-Trading Cards-02

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WIND Story Project-Trading Cards-03

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WIND Story Project-Trading Cards-04

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WIND Story Project-Trading Cards-05

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QC-CBC-TCW-2016-Media Icons

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School Map 2017

2017 Schools

school map with Timmins

2016 Schools

2017 cards

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