A Christmas Wind Story from Newfoundland

Before the release of my newest picture book, The Christmas Wind, I worked with 32 schools from every province and territory of Canada, and one school in Australia (1,700 students in all) on a unique literacy project called The Christmas Wind Story Project. One of these schools was in a small town in Newfoundland, and I got the opportunity to work with the most lovely, dedicated librarian of the public library in this small town. Veronica went way over and above in working with me on this project to ensure the Grade 2/3 students involved benefited in every way possible. This was at a time when the Newfoundland government was slated to cut funding to the public libraries which threatened the closure of the library Veronica works at. Fortunately, no closures occurred, but funding cuts are still on the table which may mean a cut in hours, staff, programs and so on. Through all of this, Veronica put the kids first and, working with the Town Council, arranged for a book to be purchased for all 22 students who took part in the project. Pretty wonderful. She just sent me this great photo of the kids with their books. Librarians are pretty amazing people.

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