A Christmas Wind visit to Lennoxville Elementary

On Monday, December 4, I visited Lennoxville Elementary School:

One of the schools I worked with on The Christmas Wind Story Project prior to the release of The Christmas Wind was in Lennoxville, QC. The teacher I worked with at this school, who ran the program with her grade 2’s, went way over and above in terms of making sure the kids benefited. Jennifer incorporated elements of the project not only into language arts, but also into her geography and math classes. She hosted a whole Christmas Wind evening event where the kids presented their Christmas Wind work to their parents. I visited this school at the beginning of this week, and Jennifer kept my visit a surprise for the students. I’d sent ahead a copy of the book for the school library and Jennifer gathered the students in a classroom telling them the book had just arrived and she wanted to read it to them. Once she started, she pretended to have trouble reading it and said she was going to call in someone to help – my cue to enter. Such fun. Every student should benefit from a teacher like Jennifer. Here are some photos they sent of the morning. (Click any photo to enlarge)


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