How I became a writer

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I remember falling in love with books around the age of 7 when I turned my room into a library, categorizing and classifying every book in the house. If any family member wanted to read anything, they had to come through me first, and be subject to my borrowing rules and due dates.

Around this time, I also started to write. As rudimentary as my first efforts were, it’s interesting to see from the two samples of the book of 41 poems I created for my grandparents that even then I was writing about cats and frogs!

Stephanie at Age 7

An Early Poetry Collection I Wrote for my Grandparents

The Cat: Once there was a cat / Who was very, very fat / Wore a hat / Liked to chat / Now what do you think of that

The Frogs: Once there was a great big frog / Next to him an even bigger one / The first frog turned into a pig / The second a hog / The pig did a jig / The hog did a jog / And that is the story of the pig, hog and frogs