Neverending Stories

Neverending StoriesNeverending Stories is a mail order children’s book company which reviews, celebrates and offers for sale the best books for children aged 0-16. You can learn more about Neverending Stories and order my books by visiting my Neverending Stories website.

I started Neverending Stories in 1995 when Sarah and Eryn were very small and Tristan hadn’t yet even arrived. Kids grow up quickly. It’s not that you don’t want them to grow, but there are times of nostalgia for this or that time period, and it’s not just me that feels it. I remember frequent occasions when I’d read an old picture book favourite with my youngest, Tristan, and my girls (even as teenagers) might curl up with us and say “Oh, I remember this book. I loved this book. Remember when you used to read it to me?”. Yes, I do remember.

And so it is, in a strange way, that books create family stories outside themselves. When you think about a book you’ve shared, you generally remember not only the story itself, but also where you were when you read it and who you were with and what you felt at the time. My middle child, Eryn, frequently wished for a special Time Machine that would allow her to rewind time, stop it, pause it … even fast forward and skip it the way you can do with a movie. Well, books shared with your children are a little like that. As I pulled the older ones in close to become part of the new reading of the book, we all got caught up in the story and all the time that passed between then and our first reading had been erased for a minute.

That’s why I started Neverending Stories. Sharing books with my own kids has been such a positive for our family that I wanted to share this with other families. My goal has been to make the process easy by profiling only what I think is great, and by categorizing each book by reading level. Enjoy!