Tweezle is Absolutely Adorable

Library of Clean Reads Reviews Tweezle into Everything

“My 9 year-old son and I thought this book was absolutely adorable! And for several good reasons. Firstly, the author deftly uses metaphors and creative language to bring alive a time in a child’s life that signifies growing up changes. Tweezle is the youngest of three, a toddler, […]

Resource Links rates Tweezle into Everything “Excellent” - "A most beautifully written and illustrated book"

“A most beautifully written and illustrated book”

“A most beautifully written and illustrated book about a little boy monster who lives with his parents and big [sisters]. To the family Tweezle seems like a little troublemaker but in reality he only wants to help out doing big kid stuff like his siblings.”Being the baby of […]

Tweezle into Everything Book Trailer

School Library Journal calls Tweezle into Everything “a great addition to both school and public libraries.” CM Magazine and Canadian Children’s Book News recommend it. Kirkus calls the monster family “endearing.” But what is Tweezle into Everything all about? Get a glimpse in the official book trailer HERE.

Tweezle into Everything is a companion book to […]

Why Hoogie Matters

Karyn Huenemann works in the English Department at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, specializing in Children’s Literature and Early Canadian Literature. In Karyn’s blog, “That Which Matters”, she explains why Hoogie in the Middle matters. You can read the full review HERE

“Hoogie might be in the middle of her monster family, but she […]

Hoogie is in the middle of The Resource Links Best Books for 2013

Resource Links is Canada’s national journal devoted to the review and evaluation of Canadian English and French resources for children and young adults. Hoogie in the Middle was selected as one of Resource Links’ Best Books for 2013. Written by educators and librarians working with young people across the nation, their reviewers span the country […]

Canadian Children's Book Centre Recommends Hoogie for Family Literacy Day

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In celebration of Family Literacy Day, the Canadian Children’s Book Centre has compiled a list of 36 Canadian books (12 picture books, 12 works of junior/intermediate fiction and 12 works of young adult fiction) that share in the joys (and struggles) of families of all sizes and combinations. Why not celebrate […]

Tweezle into Everything does a great job of demonstrating every child’s desire to be taken seriously

Bookish Notions Reviews Tweezle into Everything:

“Tweezle into Everything by Stephanie McLellan with illustrations by Dean Griffiths (Pajama Press) is the follow up to Hoogie in the Middle. In the monster family, Tweezle is the youngest and as the title suggests, he keeps getting into everything. But he doesn’t want to be seen as the baby […]

Tweezle Would Make a Great Addition to Both School and Public Libraries

School Library JournalJanuary, 2014

Tweezle into Everything

MCLELLAN, Stephanie. Tweezle into Everything. illus. by Dean Griffiths. 32p. Pajama. Feb. 2014. Tr $17.95. ISBN 9781927485477.

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PreS-Gr 2–McLellan’s playful, heartwarming story about a cuddly monster family examines how birth order affects sibling relationships. As the youngest, Tweezle is coddled by Mom and Dad, who call him […]

Tweezle Chosen as one of 4 beautiful Canadian Picture Books for Young Readers

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Tweezle is in good company with four other Canadian Picture books in the latest issue of “Books for Everybody”:



CM Magazine Recommends Tweezle

CM Magazine (September 13, 2013) Recommended — Rhiannon Jones

Stephanie McLellan’s revisits the monster family that she introduced in Hoogie in the Middle and explores the roles children play in terms of birth order in Tweezle into Everything. This story focuses on the youngest monster, Tweezle, and the trouble he seems to attract. Tweezle […]