The W.I.N.D. Story Project Earned $1,500 for CCBC

CLICK IMAGE to enlarge the Top 10 List of Small Project Ideas. The W.I.N.D. Story Project finished as #7

Thank you to all of you who voted to keep The W.I.N.D. Story Project in the top 10. I feel very satisfied with that achievement given that, as one of the finalists, CST Consultants will now […]

Q & A With CST Learning Project Finalist: The W.I.N.D Story Project

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Q & A with Stephanie Simpson McLellan – The W.I.N.D. Story Project

What is your idea and how will it help children learn?

The W.I.N.D. Story Project (Words Igniting Notional Drawings) engages primary students in classrooms across Canada to use their imagination and create illustrations for the words of a story delivered to […]

Students in Prince George are learning to use their imagination to illustrate books without pictures!

It was such a nice surprise to open email earlier today to find a note from teacher-librarian, Jessica Bonin, who led the Grade 2 students at Spruceland Traditional Elementary in Prince George through The Christmas Wind Story Project along with their teacher, Inderpal Manhas. Jessica wrote, “Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with […]

The W.I.N.D. Story Project Now in the Judging Round

We’ve now entered the official judging round of the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project Competition. Thank you again for all your support. Winners will be announced on June 2 and I’ll keep you posted.

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The W.I.N.D. Story Project - Thank You! (Here's What's Next)

Thank you to everyone who helped to keep The W.I.N.D. Story Project in the Top 10 of the Small Project Prize Group. Voting closed about an hour ago and it appears we ended up as #7 out of over 100 entries, which is fantastic, and a little amazing, given that none of you is going […]

The WIND Project Trading Cards

CLICK IMAGE to learn all about The Christmas Wind Story Project that involved 1,700 primary students across Canada

One part of the WIND Story Project that evolved, because it was too good to pass up, was an initiative to fuel communication between the 13 classes across the country. School/Province “Trading Cards” were produced which they […]

Lennoxville Elementary Students Reflect on The WIND Story Project

Great article in The Sherbrooke Record today profiling the Quebec Christmas Wind class at Lennoxville Elementary in Sherbrooke, QC. Listen to a CBC interview with this class by clicking the middle image below.



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 See more about The […]

CST Inspired Learning Project - How to Vote for the W.I.N.D. Story Project

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Please Vote up to 3 Times a Day between Now and May 16!
This W.I.N.D. Story Project (Words Igniting Notional Drawings) is a unique literacy initiative we are hoping to launch through the Canadian […]

The W.I.N.D. Story Project - What it's All About!

CLICK IMAGE for an in depth overview of the project, including a delightful visual odyssey that enables you to “SEE What They HEARD” (This will open a PDF)

The W.I.N.D. Story Project is “all about the power of sound and listening.” — CBC

Few of us have to wonder or ponder about very much these […]

CST Inspired Minds Learning Project - W.I.N.D. Story Project Background

Thank you again for helping The W.I.N.D. Story Project into the judging round. Here’s a copy of the presentation the judges never saw! There are plenty of enlightening findings inside but also some pretty entertaining observations, especially in the sections entitled: “See What They Heard” and “What they Bring to the Process”. Enjoy!