Hoogie at OLA 2015

Some fun photos of Hoogie at OLA 2015

Hoogie with Richard Jones and Erin Woods of Pajama Press



With Hoogie and Helaine at Bookfest - Vaughan Public Library (Sept 28/14)

Hoogie and I hung out the wonderful Helaine Becker (author of 60 books for children including Ode to Underwear, Gottika, A Porcupine in a Pine Tree, and Zoobots) at the Vaughan Public Library Bookfest on Sunday, Sept 28 between 1-4. (Yes, that is a full-sized … perhaps even larger than full-sized … Hoogie in all […]

How the Hoogie Puppet Came to Be

Hoogie the Puppet

I commissioned a very talented lady to create a puppet of Hoogie this past summer. As you’ll see from the first photos below, she did a wonderful job. The problem was that as lovely as her puppet was, it didn’t completely look like Hoogie to me. The fur was close, but not […]

August 12 is National Middle Child Day!


What do Margaret Atwood, Ron Weasley, Martin Luther King, Charles Darwin, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Lisa Simpson, Ozzy Osbourne, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Abraham Lincoln, Johnny Carson, Robert Munsch and Nelson Mandela have in common?

They are all middle children … and while the typical middle child is thought to get overlooked (sandwiched between the […]

Early Morning Reading with Hoogie, Tweezle, Merlin & Guinevere

I had to share this too cute photo taken early this morning of two of my nieces and my nephew in the middle reading … (3 McLellans reading 3 McLellan’s)


A Shout Out to the Wonderful Artists at Holy Family Elementary in Bowmanville

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I had the opportunity to meet with the K-3 students at Holy Family Elementary in Bowmanville yesterday … what a beautiful school and great group of students!

As a parting gift, the students showered me with so many incredible illustrations they drew from my stories … too many to share on this […]

Happy National Siblings Day

To celebrate National Siblings Day, I’ve put up two new Pinterest Boards, courtesy of Tweezle and Pumpkin (one of Famous Youngest Children and one of Famous First Borns) to join Hoogie’s Middle Child Board. Take a look!



Listen to Canadian Authors Read on Happy World Read Aloud Day

In celebration of World Read Aloud Day, watch the video below as I read from my book Hoogie in the Middle. You can watch a number of other fellow Canadian authors read from their stories HERE

Why Middle Kids turn out to be more successful

I absolutely love the photo at the right of these three kids … the moment it dawns on child #2 that he is now officially the discarded “middle child”. I came across this photo in a blog post by Selina (an Australian currently living and studying in BC to be a life coach) who has compiled a […]

Hoogie and Tweezle “explore the wonder of childhood”—Canadian Children’s Book News

Canadian Children’s Book News – Winter 2014

“We Recommend”

Hoogie in the Middle and Tweezle into Everything

Award-winning author Stephanie McLellan has drawn inspiration from her own three children and created Hoogie in the Middle, a sneak peek into the world surrounding Hoogie, the middle child. The author playfully uses rhythm, alliteration and similes to delineate Hoogie’s character […]