“Dear Hoogie” Advice Column for Middle Children

Dear Hoogie ButtonAre you a Hoogie?

What is a Hoogie, you ask?

A Hoogie is the middle child (or monster!) of the family.

If you’re a Hoogie, maybe sometimes you feel sad and left out like Hoogie does (even though we’re sure your family loves you just as much as Hoogie’s family loves her).

Well, sometimes it helps to talk about your feelings. If you have a question for Hoogie about a middle-child problem you’re having, click on Hoogie’s nose in the picture at the right. This will bring you to Hoogie’s blog where you can write Hoogie a quick note by replying to her blog post. Hoogie promises to answer your questions to the best of her ability. After all, she’s been there!

P.S. If you’re not a Hoogie, don’t worry. If you’ve read Hoogie in the Middle, you’ll know that Hoogie has an older sister called Pumpkin and a younger brother named Tweezle. If you’re a Pumpkin instead of a Hoogie (i.e. the oldest in the family), write to Pumpkin instead and she’ll be happy to answer! Or, if you’re a Tweezle (the youngest in the family), write to Tweezle and he’ll give you his best advice too!