Middle Child Day - August 12

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What do Margaret Atwood, Ron Weasley, Martin Luther King, Charles Darwin, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Lisa Simpson, Ozzy Osbourne, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Abraham Lincoln, Johnny Carson, Robert Munsch and Nelson Mandela have in common?

They are all middle children … and while the typical middle child is thought to get overlooked (sandwiched between the exceptional eldest and adorable youngest), these middle children are far from forgettable. According to Catherine Salmon, Ph.D., author of The Secret Power of Middle Children, those “born in between” are stereotyped as “neglected, resentful, [with] no drive, … a negative outlook, [and] feel like they don’t belong” whereas, in reality, history shows us that, to the contrary, the powerful middle child is often:

  • A great team player
  • A successful leader (52% of U.S. Presidents are middles)
  • More oriented to principles and concepts—like justice—over earning power or prestige
  • An excellent negotiator
  • A trailblazer and a risk taker with an openness to experience
  • More likely to effect change than any other birth order

Hoogie is the middle monster protagonist of the children’s picture book, Hoogie in the Middle

Canadian Author, Stephanie McLellan, took Hoogie on the road in May 2014  to tour the “Big Land” of Labrador as part of TD Canadian Children’s Book Week, and throughout Ontario communities closer to home throughout the spring. Hoogie may be pink and furry, but thousands of students see themselves in this unique and feisty protagonist who represents middle children everywhere (scroll down to see the gallery of kids’ illustrations below for proof of that!)  Click on the links below to listen to Hoogie on Metro Morning, Q107, Ontario Morning and Labrador Morning; to view the “Team Hoogie” Pinterest board of Famous Middle Children, and more.

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Here are some other fun sites to visit as you investigate and celebrate Middle Child Day:

And here’s a look at Hoogie’s from across Canada:

  Rigolet-Grades-4-6-Alison-A  aaaaHFSB-140521-30  Makkovik-Student-Art-05b
 aaaHFSB-140521-25  aaHFSB-140521-13  aHFSB-140521-8
 aHFSB-140521-17  aHFSB-140521-19  aHFSB-140521-21
 aHFSB-140521-36  aHFSB-140521-44  aHFSB-140521-73
 aHFSB-140521-75  A-P-Low-Illustrations-1-11b  A-P-Low-Illustrations-2-29b
 A-P-Low-Illustrations-3-17b  A-P-Low-Illustrations-3-23b  A-P-Low-Illustrations-3-30b
 A-P-Low-Illustrations-4-9b  A-P-Low-Illustrations-4-12c  A-P-Low-Illustrations-4-14c
 A-P-Low-Illustrations-4-20b  A-P-Low-Illustrations-4-24c  HFSB-140521-3
 HFSB-140521-46  HFSB-140521-49  HFSB-140521-51
 HFSB-140521-56  HFSB-140521-60  HFSB-140521-61