The Christmas Wind

NEW this Christmas from Red Deer Press!

by Stephanie Simpson McLellan
illustrated by Brooke Kerrigan

hc $19.95 CDN (ISBN: 978-08899-553-49)


Jo, a little girl of about 8, is leaving with her sick mother and infant brother for “someplace else” on a cold, windy and snowless Christmas Eve. Along the way, the ferocious wind pushes them around, forcing them to stop for the night to hide out in the barn of a notoriously grouchy old man named Franklin Murdock. The ultimate showdown between fearless girl and grumpy old man ignites new opportunities for both of them.


     “The wind shoved Jo sideways, stealing feeling from her fingers and toes. It chased her with ghostly moans and creepy shrieks.

     “The day before Christmas and still no snow. She should have been glad, but the skinny road seemed colder without it.

     “Jo hitched her baby brother higher on her hip. Leaving was the right thing to do, but the timing was bad. Her mother’s eyes were slippery and her forehead shiny and Christopher was still so new.

     “The wind elbowed Jo’s mother and kicked her to the ground.

     “’Stop it!’ Jo shook her fist at the sky. Ignoring her, the wind stole her scarf and blew out the light.”


The Christmas Wind is special. It is very, very special. And I suspect that it will be the Christmas book for this year and many to follow because of its secular telling of the Christmas story without getting bogged down in the religion.” — CanLit for LittleCanadians (Helen Kubiw) >> READ MORE (See full review on the CanLit for LittleCanadians Blog HERE)

“This charming read reminds us of what is most important during the festive season and has many elements of the original Christmas story hidden within its spare text and stunning illustrations. Both McLellan and Kerrigan have outdone themselves in the creation of this beautiful new Christmas story.” — Canadian Children’s Book News (Sandra O’Brien) >> READ MORE

“Echoes of the nativity story resonate throughout McLellan’s beautifully told tale. The lovely, soft illustrations, created by Brooke Kerrigan, are a perfect match to the gentle, spare prose of the story. Her depiction of the prairie windstorm will make readers shiver.” — CM Magazine – Volume XXIV Number 14 – Dec 8, 2017 – Highly Recommended >> READ MORE (See full review HERE)

“A great, brand new book for the holidays is always a pleasure to find. The Christmas Wind by Stephanie Simpson McLellan is a sure to be a favourite this year, particularly as a read aloud for the grades 3-6 range. For teachers and parents, this book raises a lot of timely topics for discussion if you’re looking to have that ‘meaning of Christmas’ or ‘holiday spirit’ conversation.” — What Should I Read Next? >> READ MORE (See full review HERE)

“Beautifully told, there is also beauty in the softly rendered illustrations.” — On the Bookshelf – City Parent – December 2017 >> READ MORE (See full review HERE)

“Elements of the Christmas story are evident throughout, in the choice of names, the setting, and the circumstances; it is not a retelling. Rather, it is a story of misunderstanding, compassion and hope for the future. This book reminds me of another book that has been a perennial favorite for more than twenty years … The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey.” — Sal’s Fiction Addiction – Dec 13, 2017 >> READ MORE (See full review HERE)


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