Tweezle Into Everything

by Stephanie Simpson McLellan illustrated by Dean Griffiths

Where to Buy TweezlePublished by Pajama Press (August 2013)

hc $17.95 CDN / $17.95 U.S. (ISBN: 978-1-927485-47-7)


Tweezle isn’t a baby anymore—he’s a big boy now!

Pumpkin was the first. Hoogie came next. Tweezle is the baby. But babies grow up, and Tweezle is ready to be a big boy now—and he knows just how to prove it. For some reason, Mom isn’t thrilled when he helps with the dishes (Splash! Crash!). Dad isn’t delighted when he hunts through the closet (Blam! Slam!). Pumpkin and Hoogie say he’s way too little to touch their stuff. But when an even smaller friend needs help, Tweezle’s big idea might just save the day.

The endearing monster family introduced in Hoogie in the Middle returns in a story that will warm the hearts of youngest children—and their families. Stephanie McLellan’s text delights once again with its creative turns of phrase, while Dean Griffiths’ colourful art continues to enchant.



“Mom!” says Pumpkin. “Look what Tweezle did! That little rat drew all over my picture!”

“Dad!” yells Hoogie. “The little slug has been in my room! He wrecked my stuff!”

“I not little,” sniffs Tweezle. “I big.”



  • Recommended by Canadian Children’s Book News
  • Recommended by Resource Links



“The trick of putting a great picture book together is telling a story that has fluency with powerful but concise text and illustrations that complement the text. Tweezle into Everything has everything that makes a picture book right.  Stephanie McLellan has found the right words for the common dilemma of the youngest child in a family, surprising readers with an unexpected plot twist to Tweezle’s story”  – CanLit for Little Canadians Read more

“Tweezle into Everything is a great book for young children. The clear language and straightforward plot make it easily comprehendible for young children [and it] would make a great addition to any bookshelf. It tackles the real-life issues of age and the challenges of birth order for both older and younger children, and it can be used as a great tool for teaching empathy” — CM Magazine (Recommended)Read more

“Hoogie in the Middle and Tweezle into Everything explore the wonder of childhood and the average day-to-day dilemmas and real-life emotions of children with siblings. Wonderful books to read aloud that provide an opportunity for discussion among parents and children.” — Canadian Children’s Book News Read more

“A most beautifully written and illustrated book about a little boy monster who lives with his parents and big brother and sister. To the family Tweezle seems like a little troublemaker but in reality he only wants to help out doing big kid stuff like his siblings….” — Resource Links – Rated Excellent, Enduring, Everyone should see it Read more

“My 9 year-old son and I thought this book was absolutely adorable! And for several good reasons. Firstly, the author deftly uses metaphors and creative language to bring alive a time in a child’s life that signifies growing up changes…” — Library of Clean Reads – Highly Recommended Read more

“Tweezle into Everything does a great job of demonstrating every child’s desire to be taken seriously and not be treated like a baby. … Not only will the message in this cute story win over the youngsters in your life, but the  illustrations are sure to capture their attention and imaginations.” — Bookish Notions Read more

“McLellan’s playful, heartwarming story about a cuddly monster family examines how birth order affects sibling relationships. … A great addition to both school and public libraries that help teach sibling acceptance and understanding.”  — School Library Journal Read more

“[T]his tale about an endearing monster family spotlights some very real moments of childhood growth.”  KirkusRead more

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Tweezle is a pseudonym for our youngest child, Tristan, who is now a towering 17 year old (he has more than a foot on me!) His real nickname wasn’t Tweezle, it was (and is) Shmoe, but he really did often challenge us with the phrase “I big”. He never actually saved the day in exactly the same way Tweezle did in the story, but his eldest sister, Sarah (Pumpkin), certainly called him “rat”, and Hoogie (aka Eryn) most definitely called him a “little slug”. These days, “Tweezle” is lead singer in a metal band (for which he writes excellent lyrics) and he and his sisters get along very well. And it is very true that Tweezle grew up to be big!