Listening up for literacy: Tuktoyaktuk takes part in national audio book project

Mangilaluk Elementary School students pose with drawings they created after listening to the Christmas Wind Radio Show. Back row from left is Landon Brooks, Sean Arey, Chery Chicksi, Peter Selamio and Natalie Avik. Middle row from left is Kenneth Keevik, Edward Pokiak, Maizlyn Loreen, Mona Lisa Felix and Irene Illisiak. Front row from left […]

Listen up: Unique literacy project has kids listening to and providing illustrations for a Christmas story

Alecia Rooney, a Grade 1 student from Belfast Consolidated School (Pinette, PEI), works on her illustration from the eighth and final part of The Christmas Wind Story

By Chris Gregory, THE GUARDIAN (published March 23, 2016) <<read original article here>>
Trudy White has been teaching for 17 years, but she has never experienced anything like the project […]

Centreville Academy students join rest of country for unique literacy project

Since January, Grades 2-3 students at Centreville Academy have been listening to audio clips of the Christmas Wind and turning what they hear into illustrations. Centreville Academy is the only school in Newfoundland taking part in the nation-wide literacy project. © Brandon Anstey/TC•media CLICK IMAGE to enlarge

by Brandon Anstey, The Gander Beacon (Published on March […]