The Christmas Wind Quiz - Question #1

Click here to listen to the answer buttonThe correct answer is: Angus

In the very first draft of The Christmas Wind, the old man’s name was Angus.

I have rewritten this story several times to try to make it the best it can be. While the idea for the story was the same the very first time I wrote it as it is now, many of the actual words I used to tell the story were different. For fun, here’s the first paragraph of the story as I wrote it the very first time:

“Nothing feels quite as cold and barren as a December without snow, and despite the white beard which age had given Angus, his face stung as he made his way slowly across the barnyard. With a howl, the icy wind hunted him down like a vengeful ghost, pinning his stooped body against the fence. Staring up angrily into the wind, Angus righted himself and then stood a moment. He plotted his course to the barn with a bag of feed on one shoulder and a pail of water in his hand. A dark shape darted and flapped in the corner of his eye and disappeared. The tricky shadows of dusk were playing games with him on Christmas Eve.”

As you can see, some things are the same and some are different. A big difference in this first version is that the story starts with the wind hunting the old man rather than the little girl.

What other things are different? What are some things that are the same?

What (or who) do you think the dark shape flapping out of the corner of his eye might be?