The Christmas Wind Quiz - Question #4

Click here to listen to the answer buttonThe correct answer is: “You’re not really as horrible as they say.”

Even in the first draft of the story I had the idea that Jo (who I imagine to be about 8 years old) was a feisty, strong girl. Many of the things I had her say came from a place of courage, and what I mean by that is that even though she was afraid, she stood up for herself because she knew she had to.

Each time I rewrote the story, I got to know the characters a bit better, and because I got to know them better, I could also hear a little more clearly the way they might talk to each other.

The things that Jo says in this story, and the way she says them, is probably influenced by my eldest daughter, Sarah, who was (and still is) a very passionate, articulate and quick-tongued person. When she was little, she was always acting out little plays or creating little stories. The new words I added to the dialogue between Jo and Murdock (i.e. “You’re not really as horrible as they say.”) remind me of something Sarah might have said in one of the little plays she would put on for us.