The Christmas Wind Quiz - Question #6


Peter Carver – Children’s Editor, Red Deer Press

Click here to listen to the answer buttonThe correct answer is: Teacher

More specifically, the Children’s Editor of Red Deer Press, Peter Carver, is a highly respected Creative Writing Teacher.

I have heard some call him the “Yoda” of writing teachers! 

Here’s some more information about Peter:

  • To the community of writers of books for young people in Canada, Peter Carver is a writing teacher extraordinaire, an astute and caring editor, a trusted mentor and friend

  • IMG_0329

    I went to a writing retreat (a week long writing course) at Peter Carver and Kathy Stinson’s farm in Nova Scotia in September 2013. Here’s a picture of us in the kitchen of their beautiful farmhouse which is located right on the ocean. From Left: Kathy Stinson, Peter Carver, Me

    Through his renowned (that means, really well known) workshops and retreats he has mentored hundreds of new and veteran authors, including dozens of national and international award winners whose books have been published in dozens of languages

  • He won the International Board on Books for Young people (IBBY) Claude Aubry Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Children’s Literature

  • He wrote a great book about how to write children’s books called So You Want to Write a Children’s Book which you can find out about HERE

  • He is married to award winning children’s author, Kathy Stinson